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Monthly Archive for June, 2008

Google Code vs SourceForge

“It is always sorrowful to see a whale dying…” This phrase doesn’t exactly reflect my current state but similar thoughts involuntarily come with understanding that you should not deal with anything for the whole life to do it better than someone who has just got started. It often happens when the beginner cames with bright […]

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2.0 Firmware and 2.0 Device

What is more important?? It’s up to you to decide… but it is indisputably that owners of 1.x iPhones would not be satisfied with firmware update while comparing their device with renewed one which is twice cheaper. Key features of iPhone 2.0 presentation made by Apple CEO Steve Jobs (http://events.apple.com.edgesuite.net/0806wdt546x/event/index.html) at WWDC few days ago […]

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iPhone Setup

I’ve recently mentioned the procedure of application uploading and launching on the device. I find this topic worthy of separate post. I involuntarily associate it with a puzzle of especially exotic kind. And what is much more interesting is that there are at least some members of my team who completely agree with me. So.. […]

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iPhone Introduction

I’ve spent last few weeks focusing on team leadership in the area of iPhone development. So I’d like to share some steps of platform submission formation from the point of view of cross-platform C++ developer: Everything is completely new and incomprehensible (this stage precedes the moment you launch XCode for the first time). The first […]

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