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What is more important?? It’s up to you to decide… but it is indisputably that owners of 1.x iPhones would not be satisfied with firmware update while comparing their device with renewed one which is twice cheaper.

Key features of iPhone 2.0 presentation made by Apple CEO Steve Jobs (http://events.apple.com.edgesuite.net/0806wdt546x/event/index.html) at WWDC few days ago are listed below:

  • 2.0 firmware release (with new features embedded in well known software).
  • 3G iPhone with GPS onboard.
  • Several comments of enterprise clients on platform successfulness were given.
  • Several betas of third party software were presented by especially invited developers.
  • Application distribution schemes (App Store, Enterprise, Ad hoc).
  • MobileMe feature was introduced (this feature is not free(!), but “extremely” useful).
  • New service which allows developers to avoid need in background processes.
  • Maps application with GPS.

Most of these events, releases and features are timed to the 11th of July.

PS I’m practically sure that second (front) camera will be onboard in nearest future.. Not tomorrow, not next week but it must appear by July, 11.