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“It is always sorrowful to see a whale dying…” This phrase doesn’t exactly reflect my current state but similar thoughts involuntarily come with understanding that you should not deal with anything for the whole life to do it better than someone who has just got started. It often happens when the beginner cames with bright ideas, clear understanding of the situation and… when the beginner is Google…

Today I’ve reinvented Google Code for myself. After visiting some pages related to projects hosted by this resource I finally decided to create a mirror of Common Kit there. And as the result I’ve just published news at SourceForge on moving the project to Google Code. I’m not going to write a novel on differences between these resources but I want to point some major advantages of the service provided by Google:

  • Easy to use
  • Lightweight UI
  • Complete lack of advertising
  • SVN as a code version control system

It is difficult to tell whether the situation is similar to the one occurred with search engines (taking into account that SourceForge is 6 years older and the fact that it hosts approximately 180,000 projects). But at the moment I don’t see any reason to host a new project using this Titan. It is much more preferable to take advantage of Google alternative.

PS I am beginning to emerge view that in case of choosing between two different solutions for your activity (business, education, fun.. whatever) you should choose the one offered by Google without going into details.