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I decided to start my AppStore experience with iRemote because this utility most clearly shows the direction of my current research in software development from both technological and conceptual perspectives.

iRemote Suite official page gives detailed description on its functionality and features. In this post I’m going to touch architectural aspects and briefly describe application perspectives.

Stack of utilized technologis gives the best impression about core idea of iRemote/Remote PC architecture, from my point of view.

Technologies stack

The mainstream of this project is the separation of platform dependent concurrency and networking tools. CommonKit library (which is now in process of active development) was used for building object, concurrent and networking model of both applications (iRemote for iPhone OS and Remote PC for Windows).

Here I’d like to share my plans on iRemote perspectives. Portability is mainstream tendency for now. And the first thing I’m going to do is to publish Remote PC for MacOS X. This is caused by high amount of Mac users among iPhone owners. The development of Linux version of this tool has rather low priority. What concerns iRemote, it is difficult to preffer any mobile platform. I consider the following candidates: Blackberry, Windows Mobile and Android. But I don’t know yet which one should be the first. I think that statistics, on which one of these platforms is the most widespread, does not matter in this case. Besides, I should note that I do not plan to publish desktop client for Remote PC. This is caused by a number of reasons. One of them is that the philosophy of my application stands too far from fully featured control over another workstation (from desktop, not from mobile device).


Of course, porting is not the only tendency of the solution evolution. In nearest time I’ll focus on extending functionality of iRemote for iPhone. Most likely is that iRemote Pro will appear wih extended feature set. These new features will be fundamental (not just a couple of new buttons, hot keys, etc.) but exclusively within application mainstream: remote control over workstation via mobile device based on custom protocol. This underlines the fact that I don’t plan to support any existing interaction protocol (like Remote Desktop or VNC).