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From the perspective of ordinary developer Android seems to be really good platform. Those who cry about fragmentation, different devices, etc. etc. just never launched Eclipse in their life (and never wrote BlackBerry apps). Above is what I thought about this platform 20 minutes ago. And the fact that multitouch is really MULTI only in bounds of one view crosses out everything. I see that it works good (I mean precision of gestures translation into OS callbacks) on most devices and it makes me even more sad. How come? You (Android team, all and sundry) did so many things to make developers’ life easier and finally decided to spoil it. Everyone know how to implement it correctly, when you (platform in this case) operate with hierarchy of views. Just bind events to views with any sort of hit-testing approach and you are done. Remaining part is set of helpers to deliver only appropriate events to each view. I did it in a week, when I was working on input subsystem of OpenGL framework for multitouch-enabled devices. In our 10-maximum-fingers-world all above mentioned algorithms are fairly fast on 1GHz (almost dual-core) CPUs.

UPDATE: Android 3.0 (API level 11) seems to have this feature integrated (android:splitMotionEvents and android:windowEnableSplitTouch).
Now the question is when will Google announce its strategy on separation (or merging) of OS branches for phones and tablets. Currently Honeycomb is tablet-only platform.