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Finally it has happened!!!
I was anxious and excited about this event. The story below says how much salt were eaten to make it live.

We started almost from scratch.

Then we discussed, what to do with what we had.

There were many contradictory opinions, so we agreed to do some research.

Not quite everything seemed very clear but we decided to proceed without a delay.

Prototyping was successful and we were sure that the deal is almost done, but we realized that we were not alone…

We were even more inspired after acquaintance with our new friends and one of us accidentally discovered new feature. We were not ready for this…

Later we realized that we should be more attentive to new friends. Not everything was as flawless as it seemed at first sight.

We discovered that even things we do every day like going to sleep and waking up might cause troubles. So we experimented…

Sometimes even simple things required extraordinary solutions.


But we were always satisfied with the result!!!

On the whole there were lots of fun.

And finally we did it!

Introducing!!! iRemote for Android!!!

And when everybody was ready to go home, one of us brought some chocolate and there was a party!!!

And now the only question excites us. What is going on next?