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I’ve spent last few weeks focusing on team leadership in the area of iPhone development. So I’d like to share some steps of platform submission formation from the point of view of cross-platform C++ developer:

  • Everything is completely new and incomprehensible (this stage precedes the moment you launch XCode for the first time).
  • The first impression on the development environment can be expressed in single question :”Where are the tabs??” :) From a position of last time I can tell that the rests can reconcile to all.
  • Language syntax is unusual and shapes ambivalent attitude to it.
  • Detailed acquaintance with API follows further (in my case it occurred in process of creating demonstration of simple 2D game and LBS application a little bit later) and brings some gusts of wind of change.

And so the verdict is… Impossible to estimate this platform uniquely. It s neither “good” nor “bad” in terms of software interfaces happily (I essentially do not shake the user interface). It is just different… No comments any more.

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The idea of this blog came long time ago. I was thinking about a way of sharing solutions to problems I’ve faced with while creating and promoting my software. Last time I significantly changed my approach to software development to cross-platform and open source solutions and this caused need in public resource like this one to share my ideas making the whole process of software development as “open” and “clear” as possible. So let’s see what this will turn out.

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